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ComptonMania Shows Support to Long Beach Non-Profit, Dreams Into Goals

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In a dazzling display of community spirit and support, Sho’Tyme, owner of the expanding wrestling federation, COMPTONMANIA, brought his signature energy to the 3RD ANNUAL SKATE TURN-UP & SHOE GIVEAWAY in Long Beach, California. This extraordinary extravaganza, which unfolded on Sunday, October 8th, 2023, was the brainchild of non-profit DREAMS INTO GOALS in collaboration with Long Beach Councilwoman Mary Zendejas.

The day was a testament to the power of unity and generosity, as local students were treated to a generous day of perks. Free haircuts were given to students who signed up as well as shoe and even skateboard giveaways! Attendees also had the chance to win a VIP 4-pack to none other than ComptonMania’s highly-anticipated 4 Year Anniversary celebration. Talk about generous giveaways!

Amidst the family-friendly atmosphere, the crowd was serenaded by the soulful tunes of Inglewood’s very own R&B singer/songwriter, Ventage Hype. Her mesmerizing performance sent ripples of delight through the audience, cementing the event as not just a community outreach but an altogether experience!

Sho’Tyme being in his element mingled with attendees, sharing fist bumps, high-fives, and an abundance of infectious enthusiasm. Sporting his trademark charisma, Sho’Tyme made sure everyone felt the pulse-pounding excitement that ComptonMania embodies.

Other ComptonMania team members came to support the special cause including their larger-than-life Mayor in the making, TripleM and none other than the fabulous Mrs. Comptonia herself! Others who showed up to support the community were Crystal, founder of Gourmet Herbal and Dusty of popular hip-hop podcast, Dusty Vision Radio (cohosted by Lonzo Williams of World Class Wrecking' Cru). Everyone who attended brought their A-game, adding extra pizzazz to the already buzzing affair!

It is without words that Councilwoman Mary Zendejas expressed her gratitude and importance of community through her collaboration with non-profit, Dreamz Into Goals. As the sun set on an unforgettable day, the echoes of laughter, and music lingered in the air, leaving a lasting impression on Long Beach and igniting dreams into blazing realities.

COMPTONMANIA continues to prove that their brand of electrifying entertainment extends beyond the ring, shining a spotlight on the power of community. Dreams Into Goals continues to stands tall as a beacon of hope, rooted in the belief that every student holds the potential for greatness. With community outreaches like this their commitment will continue to spread across Long Beach and to a global stage in no time.

In conculsion, TKK RADIO will continue to go out on location to support community events just like Dreams into Goals. We believe events like these are vital for our youth, providing them with resources and opportunities to thrive. Thank you Long Beach Councilwoman, Mary Zendejas and Dreams into Goals for this outstanding collaboration with our communities and youth.

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