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TKK EXCLUSIVE: Krismas Snow - From Behind the Scenes to Hip Hop Front Lines

Meet Krismas Snow, the multi-talented entrepreneur hailing from the melting pot of culture - Los Angeles, California. With titles ranging from recording artist to filmmaker and even investor, he's a force to be reckoned with in the realm of independent hip hop. His latest album, "Everyday Mackin," is causing waves in the music scene, capturing the essence of a cross between laid back beats and straight up party joints.

But Krismas's journey didn't start with music alone. His foray into the world of film provided invaluable behind-the-scenes experience, paving the way for his current success in entertainment. This background not only gave him a deeper understanding of the industry but also empowered him to take full creative control of his music videos, from treatments to post-production.

Recently, host Elena Charis of the Kuldesac Krew caught up with Krismas to delve into the fascinating world of this artist on the rise. Get ready to dive into a conversation filled with film insights, hip hop talk, and a glimpse into the dynamic life of Krismas Snow.

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