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Exclusive - the Dove Shack

Updated: Jun 24

Host Dre Cherry & David G of the Kuldesac Krew chat is up with hip-hop group, The Dove Shack, at Lifted Sundays. the Dove Shack produced the iconic song and Long Beach anthem, "Summertime in the LBC" featuring the legendary Warren G. The group discuss with the Krew about today's music and mumble rap.

“There chanting to the music, that's not really rhyming, that's not hip-hop, hip-hop is about rhyming, it's about saying words.”

The Kuldesac Krew interviewed hip-hop legends, the Dove Shack (Summertime in the LBC) at the Lifted Sundays event presented by 3rd Eye Tribe Entertainment.

Listen to Summertime in the LBC


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