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TKK EXCLUSIVE: the Charisma of Régine André-Charles


Interview: Elena Charis

Enter the dynamic realm of Régine André-Charles, where Caribbean beats come alive with a newfound zest in her latest smash hit, ‘Kite Tout Afem La’. With a proud voice resonating in her native Creole, Régine taps into the vibrant art of her Haitian roots, sprinkling her melodies with the irresistible essence of Kompa. Embarking on a musical journey, she charts her own course onto the global stage, effortlessly bridging linguistic divides with tunes that pull at the heartstrings.

With ‘Kite Tout Afem La’, Régine plunges into her musical world, splashing vibrant colors onto her canvas of personal experience. She stitches together lyrics that connect to the soul with beats that just won’t quit, creating a magnetic tale that capivates and pulls listeners into her world.

But just wait, because Régine isn’t just a musical maestro—she’s a businesswoman and entrepreneur too! When she’s not belting out tunes, she’s shaking up the beauty scene with unique line called Elvila Cosmetics. Without a doubt Regine is a soul who interwines self-confidence, body positivity and self-care into her brand, reminding us all that beauty comes in every shape, size, and curve.

In addition, in a time where Haiti seeks solace amidst socio-political challenges, Régine emerges as a beacon of hope, uplifting spirits and fostering unity through her music. As she continues to pave the way for Kompa's international recognition, her unwavering dedication and artistic vision promise to captivate audiences worldwide, resonating deeply with each heartfelt note she sings.



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