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Updated: Jan 4

It's anything but peaceful vibes as wrestlers across the nation gear up for the 2023 "Ghetto Gauntlet" presented by Comptonmania. Wrestler Shiloh Greaves had a few words to say at Dnkybong 's monthly private gathering and it was anything but butterflies and rainbows. With tensions rising as the 2023 gets closer it was no surprise that ring leader Sho Tyme Watkins and the Mayor of Comptonmania, Mr. Pissoff, had to step in when things quickly escalated at the event. It's safe to say that the fight for the title later this month will be an exciting match, nonetheless.

The fight for the Ghetto Gauntlet goes down Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 1359 W. 107th Street, Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are available on eventbrite or at the door. Visit for more details.

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